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Welcome to the pages of the Family-Friendly University!

Finding a good balance between work or university and family obligations — whether they are your own children, grandchildren or relatives in need of care — is a challenge. The University for Sustainable Development works to support the university’s students and employees in overcoming this challenge.

For example, even before the comprehensive quality commitment comprehensive quality commitment of the Brandenburg third level institutions and the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) of the State of Brandenburg, it already started in making the day-to-day world at the university more family-friendly especially for employees and students with children.

Services for parents (and parents-to-be):

  • Child care
  • Studying with family
  • Care of relatives
  • Information sheets and links

We are open to expanding our services to meet demand and want to improve it continuously for our target group. As a result, we are grateful for constructive suggestions, commitment and feedback to familie@hnee.de or directly to Vera Clauder, Coordinator of the Family-Friendly University.

News and Events

Day care place for children

From mid-October / early November 2019, a day care place (Monday-Friday 08:00-15:30) will be available in the student hostel on Schwappachweg.

If you are interested in this childcare place, please contact Mrs. Zachow directly: 0173 6128360.

Application Semester-ticket Subsidy

For financial support, parents studying at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) can apply to the Family-Friendly University for a semester ticket subsidy every winter semester.

You can find out more in our information on the "Application Semester Ticket Subsity". Please note the application period from 1.9.2019 to 15.10.2019 (cut-off period).

> Information on the application

> Application form

Welcome meeting 23.10.2019

On 23 October 2019 from 15.00 to 17.30 our half-yearly welcome meeting for parents takes place at the HNEE. We would like to briefly introduce ourselves and our offers and exchange ideas with you, e.g. about studying with a child. For the children we provide play facilities during the event.

Mr. Lothar Korallus, contact person of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt / Oder in matters of BAföG, is invited as speaker (German language).

Please bring your questions and some small change for coffee and cake!

You are welcome to register from now on. Please send an e-mail with the number of participating adults and children with the subject: Welcome meeting to familie@hnee.de.

The meeting will take place at the Studentenclub Eberswalde, Schicklerstraße 1.

Lend a notebook from the family-friendly university

For all parents and pregnant women at the HNEE as well as students and employees with care tasks, the family-friendly university has laptops available for borrowing. They should make it easier for you to work from home for your studies or university. Your child is ill, you have nursing tasks or do not want to commute to the university every day during your final thesis because of your pregnancy?

Simply send us an informal application with the following information: reason for need, period, name, address, study programme and matriculation number or exact job at the university.

After a positive decision from us, you can borrow a notebook against a signature from the ITSZ (house 5, room101-105). There are currently 8 notebooks with Office software, 2 of them are additionally equipped with GIS software. An overview of the devices can be found here.

Physiotherapeutic offers of the AG Gesunde Hochschule (Waldcampus)

The physiotherapeutic treatments at the university are also offered in 2019.

Room alternatives on the Forest campus are missing, so this offer first takes place in the parent-child rooms when it is actually booked by university members. We would like to ask you to notice this, an simultaneous use is not possible.

Please write us if you had to re-schedule (personally or by e-mail to  Familie ).

The dates for the treatments:

Forest campus: Every 1st and 3rd Thursday, from 09.00 to 12.00 hours.

We ask for your understanding for the other use of the room.

Annual events of the family-friendly university

April: Welcome Meeting

Juni: Open Day at the HNEE

Oktober: Welcome Meeting & Grant to the semester-ticket

Dezember: International Family Christmas Party




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