Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Degree Programme Committee

 The Degree Programme Committee is responsible for drawing up recommendations on the following topics:

  • fundamental aspects of teaching and course programmes
  • coordination of degree programme and examination regulations and the work of the Student Affairs Office
  • maintenance of relationships to graduates
  • academic reform, promotion and planning of advanced training
  • evaluation of teaching and reporting on teaching


Prof. Dr. Mario Stoffels

Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)

Dr. Sigrid Seemann

Head of the Academic Affairs Department

Prof. Dr. Harald Schill

Faculty 1

Prof. Dr. Heike Molitor

Faculty 2

Prof. Dr. Johannes Creutziger

Faculty 3

Prof. Dr.Ralf Ulbricht

Faculty 4

Dr. Jens M├Âller   

scientific Assistant, Faculty 2

Tabea Frercks

Student representation

Jonas K├Âplin

Student representation

 Marlies Laser



Do you want to contact the chairman of the study commission? Please send an  E-Mail to Prof. Stoffels.