Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Library Committee

The Library Committee is responsible for drawing up recommendations on the following topics:

  • planning and decisions on long-term development concepts for the University Library
  • updating distribution bases for supplying the faculties, degree programmes and institutes at HNE
  • building the collection of scientific literature
  • development plans for the supply of information via electronic media
  • use regulations


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schulz  (Faculty for Landscape Management and Nature Conservation)                                 


Prof. Schultz (Faculty for Forest and Environment)

Prof. Vanja Mihotovic (Faculty for Wood Engineering)

Prof. Claudia Br├Âzel (Faculty for Sustainable Business)

Oskar Dietterle (Faculty for Forest and Environment - academic staff)

N.N. - Representatives of cooperation partners vTI & LFE

Claudia Adler (Head of the University Library)

Oyunkhuu Chimedbavuu (Faculty for Landscape Management and Nature Conservation)

Rebecca Br├Ąuning (Faculty for Landscape Management and Nature Conservation)


Contact: ulrich.schulz@hnee.de