Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Library Committee

The Library Committee is responsible for drawing up recommendations on the following topics:

  • planning and decisions on long-term development concepts for the University Library
  • updating distribution bases for supplying the faculties, degree programmes and institutes at HNE
  • building the collection of scientific literature
  • development plans for the supply of information via electronic media
  • use regulations


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schulz  (Faculty for Landscape Management and Nature Conservation)                                 


Prof. Schultz (Faculty for Forest and Environment)

Prof. Vanja Mihotovic (Faculty for Wood Engineering)

Prof. Claudia Brözel (Faculty for Sustainable Business)

Oskar Dietterle (Faculty for Forest and Environment - academic staff)

N.N. - Representatives of cooperation partners vTI & LFE

Claudia Adler (Head of the University Library)

Oyunkhuu Chimedbavuu (Faculty for Landscape Management and Nature Conservation)

Rebecca Bräuning (Faculty for Landscape Management and Nature Conservation)


Contact: ulrich.schulz@hnee.de